1. Smart search

You can search for tables, columns, records, and saved views! What's more, Trevor will make basic query suggestions based on what you type.


2. Simple, powerful query builder

Trevor provides all of the power of SQL, but without the learning curve. This means that even non-technical users can find the answers they're looking for and learn from their company's data.


3. Live data feeds

You can export live data to Google Sheets and Excel with a few simple clicks. This means reports are always up to date!


4. Team permissions

Give your team safe, secure access in a few clicks. You can:

  • control global query timeouts and row limits.
  • hide unnecessary or sensitive tables and/or columns.

5. Excel-like functions everyone understands

You've probably tried clicking table column headers and using the basic Count rows, Filter and Sort options. But have you tried clicking the more button? You'll see a range of excel-like operations, specific to the the type of data you're looking at!

For example:

  • Calculate average
  • Find max/ min value
  • sum data
  • mark as true if contains...
  • find and replace characters
  • And lots more.


6. Easter Egg

Want free Trevor mugs for your team? Get in touch!