We are making quite a significant change to our pricing this month.

The new pricing

Trevor.io will now cost £200 per month for your whole team (or £49 per month for early-stage startups). This price includes:

  • unlimited users
  • unlimited exports.
  • unlimited dashboards.
  • unlimited alerts.
  • and, as always, on-demand support from Team Trevor.

Where we have placed limits:

  • you can export up to 50,000 rows per export (or increase this to 250k rows per export for £50 per month). There is no limit to the number of exports.
  • you get one datasource free (additional datasources are charged at £50 per month). The size of your database does not affect pricing.

Why has our pricing changed?

This is the first time we have changed our pricing for existing customers since we launched back in 2016, but Trevor has come on leaps and bounds since then. This summer Trevor will be 2 years old, and we’ve learned a lot about the type of company we want Trevor to be.

What we love about Trevor:

  • When people use Trevor, they really use it (2-3 hour Trevor sessions are not just common - they’re the norm).
  • We get to know you (you chat with us. All the time. Every day we get to help you with your data questions).
  • Trevor is used by whole teams (marketing and product teams use it to get the answers they need and live stream results into Google Sheets. Ops and customer success teams use it to drill down on results. CEOs use it to track KPIs).
  • Every day we get to work on adding features that make you, our customers, happier and more awesome.
  • We wanted new pricing that reflects the value we believe Trevor provides, allows your whole team to get onboard, and enables us to focus on making Trevor even more awesome for you. And on top of this, we want to continue to offer personalised one-on-one support, whenever you need it.

If you have any questions just reach out to us via our website or ping me an email (tom@...).

All the best,


CEO and Co-founder @ Trevor.io