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Trevor is a playground for data exploration that:

  • empowers everyone in your organisation to learn from your data.
  • puts data at your team's fingertips, enabling them to make data-informed decisions without having to bother a busy engineer or data analyst.

What really separates Trevor is that it just makes it really easy to find the answers you need.

Trevor takes 2 minutes to set up, is safe and secure to use, and does not store your data.

Test Trevor today!

Who uses Trevor?

Trevor is used by data-powered growth, product, customer support, and exec teams, at companies like:

  • Lexoo, a London based marketplace that helps companies find the right lawyer and get legal work done.

  • Carwow, a platform that takes the stress out of finding and buying a new car, backed by leading VCs behind success stories like Facebook, Spotify and Dropbox.

  • Trail, a SaaS company serving the likes of Itsu, Tossed, Li Group and lots of others.

And many others, across Europe and the US, to answer questions like:

  • How many people signed up in the last 7 days, in region X?
  • What actions has this user taken? How did they get into their current state?
  • Which marketing channel generated the most revenue last month?
  • How many of our customers have purchased more than once, and what's the average length of time between original and repeat purchases?
  • We didn't hit our principal KPI last month - what factors contributed to this?
  • What's our churn rate and how is this changing over time?
  • Who bought the blue one, and what else did those customers buy?

And so many more questions, the answers to which help people make better decisions and be more effective at their jobs.

What our customers say

I had been looking for an out of the box data analytics platform for months. Trevor is in a league of its own when it comes to this.

Guy, Co-founder at Tribe

We're super happy with Trevor!

Emma, Managing Director at HoneyPot

We got Trevor set up in lightening speed and were able to start exploring and querying our data straight away. The instant insight into our data and ease and flexibility of querying means more fact and less guesswork in decision making for everyone from the product team to our customer success managers.

Joe, CEO at Trail

Getting set up

Trevor takes 2 minutes to set up and works out of the box.


  1. Create an account using your existing Google account. Heroku users can also provision Trevor via the Heroku Elements Store.
  2. Grab your database credentials.
  3. If you need to, whitelist our IP.

Getting started with your team

Account admins can:

  • invite team members to collaborate. Collaborators can access and query your data but cannot invite new users or view your credentials.
  • hide unnecessary or sensitive tables and/or columns.
  • set global team limits, including row limits (on exports) and query timeouts. Within the platform, results are limited to 100 rows, ensuring that Trevor is a light-touch on your database.

Keeping your data safe

  • Trevor connects to your database directly via a read-only transaction.
  • Trevor doesn't store your data - it remains secure and unaffected within your own database.
  • Your database credentials are stored securely, encrypted at rest and kept private.
  • All data is transmitted via SSL security, including server authentication and data encryption.

Trevor understands your database schema

  • Trevor derives the relationships between your tables, making joining tables together simple and straightforward.

  • You can drill down across tables to find related data simply by clicking a button.

  • Trevor's smart search feature enables you to search for tables, columns, records, and saved views, and makes query suggestions based on what you type.

Supported Databases

We currently support:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Redshift

Free trial and pricing

You can see details of each of our paid plans here. You can test these free for 14 days. Our Hobby plan is free forever.

Have a question or want to get in touch? Email us at Or, click here to create your free account.

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